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On this site you will learn how to holistically create a healthier and happier life on many levels. MindOverPlatter ® has helped so many people with Weight Loss that we decided to expand this powerful program. We are now using the same insight of mind/body technology to help you in all areas of your life. You can lose weight while creating a life that you absolutely love living!


We talk about the hard part of weight loss and wellness. Getting your head in the right place that will empower you to be successful. That is why we focus your mind. All changes happens from the neck up…in your mind.  What you believe is true subconsciously will be what you attract into your life.


This is the law of attraction in action. It is much deeper than positive thinking. It is subconscious programming that manifests what shows up in your life. Your weight, job, money, health, relationships and so much more are determined by your beliefs and habits.
We will share our expertise in the mind body connection with you to learn how to change at the deepest level. This is a step by step coach approach utilizing techniques including, Hypnosis, NLP, (Neuro Linguistics Programming), Tapping, (EFT & TFT), Visualization, Meditation, the Law of Attraction, Bio Energetics and Self-Talk to name a few.


You’ll start with the personal inventory and we will move from there. The tools that you need are here to raise your awareness to help you make changes once and for all. Read my blog which will guide you in creating a holistic, healthy and balanced life.


And if you came for weight-loss don’t worry, we have resources here for you. In over a decade of helping thousands of people lose weight, we realized that they need a whole life approach. Keeping the weight off depends upon designing a life that supports health and wellness. This is where it all begins.

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