Design a Life Series – Ignite your passion

Ignite your passion with a KISS. When we started this series, I told you that I would conclude with “igniting your goal”. I use the acronym KISS: Know it, Ignite It, See it and Speak it.

Know that you are creating a life that you love. This requires stepping into this life and claiming it. Energetically this act is a powerful one. It sends a message to your mind and those around you that you are ready. Don’t settle for anything less.

Ignite is as simple as a five minute visualization, filled with emotion and passion. Insert yourself in a scenario in which you have all that you want in your life. Get excited about it and spend five minutes per day imaging it. Your subconscious mind responds well to emotion and images. The combination is unstoppable!

See it is looking for evidence of your success. It can be in your life or in the lives of others. Look for examples of people who have created what you want. Think to yourself “if they can do it, I certainly can!” 

Say it requires repeating positive phrases to yourself that will support your goal. Do this many times per day. Write out a statement that you can say, preferably out loud, every morning and night.

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