Stop self-sabatage

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This segment focuses on what blocks people from success. I have blogged about it before but not as deeply as the topic deserves.

There are many types of blocks, too many to list here. If you consistently take steps away from your goal, then you might have a block. If you only experience blocks when you are in reach of you could be experiencing self-sabotage. Self-Sabotage is an underlying conflict with what you want and what you believe you can have. It is a very common occurrence with people who are losing weight.

The main block that you will want to address is the one that causes self-sabotage. Deep within your subconscious mind you do not believe you deserve to obtain your goal. You unknowingly feel unworthy. It is a belief or decision that was made long ago. This may be a form of self protection. It rarely is still a useful belief to hold on to.

If you think you are blocking yourself in this way start journaling. Listen to your self-talk. As you identify self defeating thoughts, you will uncover what is blocking you. We will talk about how to address them in an upcoming article. For now explore what is preventing you from reaching your goal.

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Zero Tolerance for Excuses: the ABC’s of weight loss

Excuses are what distracts us from doing what we need to do. It takes discipline to follow a plan. When we look for excuses we place blame outside of ourselves. Be accountable for your actions with zero tolerance for excuses. If others can follow their plan, so can you. Don’t settle for less.

When you start justifying not exercising and eating unhealthy it is not in your best interest. Period. Set the bar high and implement a zero tolerance zero for excuses. Ask your friends to hold you accountable and hold them accountable. I am not saying you have to be perfect. I am saying that you be accountable and blame anyone or thing for your actions. This will give you full control over your choices.

ABC’s of Weight Loss Y: your health is your priority

Your values dictate the filter in which you make decisions. If health is not one of your highest priorities, you will not make the time to do what is in your best interest. What changed my life in a positive way was making the decision that health was my highest priorities. I said to myself every single day. I began to find time to exercise. I discovered food choices that were much healthier. I started juicing and liking it! My life became healthier overall because I made a choice. I mad my health my highest priority. Today, make the decision today that your health is your highest priority

Xanadu your mind and life

Xan·a·du (zn-d, -dy)
n. An idyllic, beautiful place.

Think about your life with all of the beautiful possibilities. Let the idea of what you could have outshine your current reality. In other words you’ll be so motivated by the potential of your future they will not allow yourself to be distracted by the reality of now. Perception is reality, you need to change what you focus on. Doing this will in fact change your reality and your life. Xanadu your mind and life means holding yourself to a higher purpose. The ideal life for you is personal. Do not let anyone else tell you. Claim and embrace it as your own. Let your mind go there every single day. Live your life like this and you’ll start to see your circumstances comply.

Weigh yourself weekly

This is a topic of debate. How often should you weigh yourself? My first question is regarding the importance the scale has in your life. Don’t allow the scale to rule your life. Use it as an accountability buddy. It will indicate if what you’re doing is taking you in the right direction or away from your goal.

I suggest weighing yourself on a regular basis. It will force you to be mindful of how your behavior and eating habits are affecting your weight. I use the scale to keep me honest.. If after weighing yourself you can’t stay on track then use another way to gage your progress. There are a number of ways to do this. Some people prefer to take their measurements.

Whichever method you use, do it constantly. Same day each week and time. Track your progress to determine watch habits are hurting you and or helping you. I recommend Monday mornings because it discourages you from overdoing it on the weekends. Naturally thin people are in-tuned to their weight and have little tolerance for getting off track. They stay within their comfort zone at all times or they bucket down.

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