Eat MicroMeals Packed with MacroNutrients

Stuck on the yo-yo dieting pattern? Try micro meals that are macro balanced. When you munch on small meals that are properly combined then you will lose weight and your body will burn fat. It’s a simple combo each meal includes protein, healthy carbs and fats. Eating this way makes life more enjoyable and your food plan sustainable. You can go to picnics, parties, restaurants; family gatherings even on vacation and sample small portions of food (properly combined) and still lose weight. If you are unsure of how to balance foods the easiest way to do it is follow a simple 40:40:30 plan I have found 40% protein 30% carbs and 30% fat works for my body. There are a lot of variations to this but start here and modify until you lose weight. It depends on your metabolism and body type.

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